Name of certification
Year it was awarded
1 NABARD Award Certificate  For Leather Cluster promotion, Jagdishpur 2012-13

Awarded by NABARD


Name of Award/Recognition Awarding Agency Award Category Year of Award


SARAS Mahotsav DRDA, Sultanpur Participation 2008-09


Hast Shilp kala Pradarsani & Vikray mela Uttar Pradesh Mahila Kalyan Nigam Participation 2010-11
Lucknow Mahotsav NABARD, Lucknow Participation 2008-09
International Trades fair Department of Science & Technology (DST)-GOI, New Delhi Participation 2011-12
SARAS Jagannath DRDA, Sultanpur Participation 2008-09
SARAS Mela Agra DRDA Participation 2008-09
SARAS Mela Delhi DRDA Participation 2008-09 &


SARAS Mela Ranchi DRDA Participation 2008-09
SARAS Mela Lko DRDA Participation 2008-09 &


SARAS Mela Lko DRDA Participation 2011-12
BIO Krishi Mela DRDA Participation 2010-11 &


SARAS Mela Varanasi DRDA Participation 2008-09
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (Fssai) Certificate Department of Food Processing License 2012-13